Current Services

Q.Me Place offers multiple clinics, at as many as 5 simultaneous service locations at over 10 sites staffed by volunteer attorneys, students, and others. Clinics are provided for those who need assistance with legal and social services. Q.Me Place is also partnering to pilot a joint Medical / Legal clinic and tutoring to children.

Service Provision Area

Q.Me Place has service locations in California and has active members in California, Colorado, and Illinois.

General Legal Services (Homeless+Veterans)

Virtual Clinics on Saturdays

Our general clinics currently assist individuals, including homeless and veterans, with a variety of legal topics at several service locations in California. In recent clinics, Q.Me Place supported five simultaneous service locations around Los Angeles county with attorneys remotely accessing the Q.Me video platform from different locations. Our recent supported service area covered a driving distance of more than 75 miles as well as more than 225 square miles. The cloud-based service provision model eliminated volunteer time devoted to commuting, increasing actual time spent providing services.

Orientation at UCLA Law, November 2018

Our general clinic currently includes attorneys assisting remotely from California as well as Colorado. Q.Me Place is currently partnered with the UCLA Homelessness Prevention El Centro Legal Clinic where we have multiple UCLA law students volunteer in-person and remotely. The Q.Me platform has also supported remote connections from student volunteers at Berkeley Law and UT Austin Law schools. We are currently in discussions to add service locations and volunteer attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Family Law

Virtual Clinic on Tuesday Night

Q.Me Place is currently partnered with LevittQuinn Family Law Center to deliver family law services in Los Angeles. LevittQuinn is an established Los Angeles-based family law nonprofit protecting children and standing with families in crisis. LevittQuinn provides free and low-cost family law services for poor families who are unable to obtain the legal help they need from private attorneys or through other organizations.

Currently, LevittQuinn operates its own independent family law clinic using the Q.Me platform. Q.Me Place is proud to partner with LevittQuinn to fulfill its vision for legal services for low-income and vulnerable families in California. In the future, Q.Me Place looks forward to hosting multi-organization and multi-location clinics on family law with LevittQuinn as a key partner.

Immigration Law

Virtual Clinics on Specified Dates

Q.Me Place has partnered with the P.o.r.t Program (Panhumanist Outreach Resource Technology) to assist immigrants inside and outside the United States with issues related to the US immigration system. The Port Program envisions U.S. attorneys in cities like New York or Los Angeles using the Q.Me platform to provide legal counsel to individuals in Latin America, Asia, and other locations. The goal is that prospective immigrants are informed of their rights regarding family sponsorship, citizenship, asylum, and other issues prior to interfacing with the US immigration system. The P.o.r.t Program also envisions working with individuals and their family members that are already engaged in the legal system.

Community Reentry

Virtual Clinics on Specified Dates

Q.Me Place has partnered with Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles to use the Q.Me platform to rebuild the lives of individuals who were formerly incarcerated. This includes helping individuals reduce and expunge criminal convictions and seal arrest records. NLSLA operates its own reentry clinic using the Q.Me platform to reach remote locations outside of Los Angeles. NLSLA specializes in law that disproportionately impact the poor. The organization is one of the largest public interest law offices in California and provides free assistance to more than 100,000 individuals and families annually.

Mental Health Legal Services Clinics

Virtual Clinics on Thursdays

In the next year, Q.Me Place is offering legal services clinics for multiple organizations including Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHALA). Using the Q.Me platform, the legal clinics will cover a variety of topics at several service locations in California with attorneys remotely accessing the video platform from different locations. For nearly 100 years, MHALA has worked to ensure that people living with mental health needs achieve meaningful, healthy lives in their communities. They serve adults and transition age youth who are dealing with mental health needs and do not have financial resources.

Joint Medical / Legal Clinic Partnership with UCLA Law Homelessness Prevention Clinic and UCLA Mobile Clinic Project

Virtual Clinics on Specified Saturdays

Q.Me Place, together with long-time partner UCLA Law Homelessness Prevention Clinic, is piloting a joint clinic in the next year with the UCLA Mobile Clinic Project to deliver a combination of medical, legal, and social services to underserved individuals. The Homelessness Prevention Clinic includes students from the UCLA School of Law who assist with an array of legal and social issues including warrants, tickets, government benefits, probation/parole, and others. The UCLA Mobile Clinic Project includes students from UCLA's schools of Medicine and Public Health and aims to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable populations by connecting them to a continuum of care through medical care and health promotion.

Tutoring / Reading to Children

Virtual Tutoring on Specified Dates

Q.Me Place is piloting the use of the Q.Me platform for tutoring and reading to children at an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. To start, the tutoring centers around a well-known children's book series. Additional possibilities include leveraging mathematics talent from Ethiopia to assist low-resourced children in the US.